we dont need no ojijoji

I just replaced my girlfriend with a short script. She has an obnoxious but adorable way of singing songs. She substitutes creative variations of her affectionate nickname for me into the lyrics even if she knows the lyrics by heart. Singing songs this way is one of her methods for stealing my attention. In effort to give her an exhausting taste of her own medicine, I wrote a natural language translator that will take any song lyrics and produce the ojijoji'd version. The python code uses NLTK (Natural Language Toolkit) to determine parts of speech and syllable count. Since Becca's human process depends also on the musical timing of the lyrics, I had to use commas to mark the counts. The code currently only computes for 4/4 time signatures. I am replacing nouns and verbs and such, but I think the algorithm would benefit from being able to compute cultural significance and other abstract sentiment, as this also is a determining factor in her human processing. I'd say my script is about 90% accurate in reproducing Becca's incorrigible bad habit.

we dont need no ojijoji
hey oji leave those kids a jo ! ojijo its just a joji jo oji jyo
oji joji ! give me a ji
will you still oji will you still joji when im oji jyo
strangers in the jo ojijo glances ojijo in the jo what were the chances wed be ojijo before the jo oji
youve lost that oji joji
i was oji as a joji in an ojijo that much is jyo
our jo in the oji of our ji
I want to oji like an ojijo
oji jean jo not my lover shes just a jo who joji i am the jo ,but the jo is not o jyo
are you ojijo ojijo fair oji jo rosemary joji
God jo you please mrs ojijo heaven holds oji for those who pray hey o jyo
you must be ojijo jo cause you shine on jo where ever oji
thats me oji joji thats me ojijo light oji jo ojijo
jo jo jo ojijoji pie drove my oji to the joji ojijo was dry the good old boys oji joji and rye oji this will be the jo joji jyo
here in my jo oji safest of all joji lock all my doors jo the only jo to live oji
R E S P ojijo find out what it oji jyo
You are ojijo of my jo thats why jo oji be joji
you can stand under my umberella oji joji oji
dude looks like an oji
ragdoll ojijoji oji
its close to mid jo and oji evils joji oji jyo
You would ojijo your eyes if ten oji joji flies jo up oji as i fell joji
ojijo that chunky oji ojijo jojijo joji oji
Been there jo that ojijo ojijo jo dont ojiji
Ill never let you oji off my jyo
This ojijo oji bulletji
This ojijo oji bullet jyo

If ji lost and ji look and ji will find me ojijoji
Submitted by James Powderly

wouldn't it be nice if we were oji, then we wouldn't oji joji jo
i'm an ojijoji with my pocket calculoji
Submitted by Marc Nimoy

fab unsubscribe

I unsubscribed from fab.com because it was too overwhelming. I need the innovations and fashion trends to be summarized for a producer/designer, not a consumer.

Dither for After Effects

Intended for the fine connoisseurs of 1-bit dithering, this new stylize plugin for Adobe After Effects adds that classic grit to your mograph masterpiece in more ways than a Photoshop action could ever do for that image sequence you just exported. This plugin was designed with Jake Sargeant for his adventures in lo-fi. In addition to an overwhelming number of error-diffusion and pattern dither algorithms, the plugin also features an interactive pattern designer box that allows you to load and save an 8x8 pixel threshold mask. Help us test the beta. More features to come in future versions.

Not My Uncle

Data visualization illustrating my genetic relationship to a hollywood celebrity. Because of my last name, I get asked about this relationship quite frequently. People often assume for some (probably very interesting and study-able socialogical) reason that Leonard is my uncle when in reality, he is my second cousin once removed. He is my second cousin because my dad shares a great-grandpa with him. He is once removed because I am one generation deeper. And so I have printed the visualization out and laminated it. I now carry this in my wallet.

Teaching Openframeworks

Video guiding the Processing coder through the mental transformation needed to start using OpenFrameworks to create equivalent work. This class was taught with Syed Reza Ali. We will post more episodes every time we teach this GAFFTA class. So far, I have shaved my face with a straight razor, did a claymation about pointers, and took apart a McDonalds cheeseburger. I hope it makes learning programming and its dry concepts a bit wetter. Special thanks to oooShiny for advising on the materials and teaching approach.

Alchemy Hack
"Forced collaboration" w. Andrey "Zed" Zaikin: Cheat sheet produced by reverse engineering an Android game found on Google Play. App is disassembled and analyzed into a vizualization of all game possibilities. Permission from game author not obtained.
Sky Paintings

I produced this series of code-paintings during my early recovery. They are about sublime serendipity, and the universality of biological syntax. Each render takes about as long as a human would need to actually paint the same thing. Many fractal scenes were generated, but only a few were hand-picked for final presentation. These 2400 DPI prints, coded in Java/Processing, implement an iterative function. The slowly shifting transforms result in paint-strokes. On exhibition and for sale in the "Art by Code" show, at the Public Works, Roll Up Gallery at 161 Erie St., San Francisco. Additional prints of various sizes are also available directly from the artist.

Sky #6 installed at Roll Up Gallery next to beautiful shader works by Inigo Quilez

Sky #6 installed at Roll Up Gallery next to beautiful shader works by Inigo Quilez

Sky #6

Sky #6

Sky #7

Sky #7

Sky #9

Sky #9

Sky #10

Sky #10

Sky #13

Sky #13

Critical Path

I worked with an "indie" hollywood studio in collaboration with Jody Zellen in designing and building a web-based UI to present their interview videos of the top industry game designers on HTML5 canvas and video elements. I used ProcessingJS. The interface featured a line-network of tags shared between the videos. Each video was a sprite that had its own transformation matrix. Triangle collision was also employed in order to do mouse picking with non-rectangular 2D polygons. The javascript code was extremely object oriented, using static "class members" in addition to instance scoped members. The company, Artifact Studios, ran way over their revision allowance, and continued to expect work out of me long after the contract's duration had ended. And that was the last time I worked in Hollywood.


Watch on Vimeo.

This synaesthetic, interactive musical experience provides six original modes in which the player may produce music. Kick off your shoes and get lost in a world of delicious sounding abstract geometry.

Turn up your sound volume.
Click and drag to explore.
Press bubbles to change scenes.
Press Escape to quit.

Android and iOS versions coming soon.

Advanced configuration is possible by editing the contents of the bundled settings.yml. By changing the values of that file, you can control the window properties, startup behavior, user interface detail, and OSC network parameters. When set up on multiple machines, Bandwidth's 'grid' mode will broadcast OSC messages and most other modes will recieve.

Made possible by The Public. UK

Special Thanks:

The OpenFrameworks project,
Graham Peet
Joss Widdowson
Rebecca Shostak
the oooShiny group
Sandwell Arts Trust
Fran McHugh

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