Dither for After Effects

Intended for the fine connoisseurs of 1-bit dithering, this new stylize plugin for Adobe After Effects adds that classic grit to your mograph masterpiece in more ways than a Photoshop action could ever do for that image sequence you just exported. This plugin was designed with Jake Sargeant for his adventures in lo-fi. In addition to an overwhelming number of error-diffusion and pattern dither algorithms, the plugin also features an interactive pattern designer box that allows you to load and save an 8x8 pixel threshold mask. Help us test the beta. More features to come in future versions.

Jee, Thanks Rawk!

A series of short mock advertisements for a web presentation in Feb. 2000. RAWK (not my idea) was the name of our design team. Henry was the victim of our urgent need to make cheesy zero-budget film with only 3 hours of edit time. Apparently, a state-wide film festival liked it.

Video by Josh Nimoy and Mark Yen Acting by Henry Lopez and Caroline Ekk

Watch on Vimeo.