Marc Nimoy Extraordinaire was redoing the website for the UCLA Center for Intercultural Performance (CIP) and he had embedded a small animated gif that had a marquee of text announces and fun blur transitioning. I offered to redo it in Flash 8, and give him a lot of customization features on the html side so the thing could be dynamically driven and lower bandwidth. After pulling a happy all-nighter at Beit T'Shuvah, TextFlasher was born. Thank goodness for cool flash filters. Although I know and love as3, I chose flash 8 because at the time I write this, that's installed by 98.9% of internet users. If you look in the example files, you'll see a large associative array of values and heavy commenting.

Nike 'One'

Motion Theory's workflow of the Nike 'One' commercials did not just benefit from an applet programmed by one of the team members. This time, the core workflow became a team of four visual programmers risking carpel tunnel to generate a diversity of floating engineering graphics using every trick in the book. Although the production process was organic and artistic, the team collaborated well - subclassing a common object oriented super class, using common (custom) rendering frameworks, establishing file format protocols for shared data, and using versioning systems. The result was complex yet delicate and tasteful swarm of diagrams and math floating around the heads of thinkers - interacting with the physical, emotional, and narrative surroundings. A demo applet was also published in Processing.org exhibitions. Processing Artists:


Phonemoneme is an expressive simple-rule-based toy or musical instrument or game, like BallDroppings. It uses both the keyboard and the mouse to play. In it, my handwriting moves through space, interacting with four colored bars. These adjustable bars affect motion in different ways. Each grapheme sounds out its phoneme as it passes over the tan colored bar, whose length affects the pitch.

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