Joshua T. Nimoy (aka. @jtnimoy) is an artist-technologist in Silicon Valley, Northern California. Josh is senior lecturer of Scripting Graphics and New Tools, two graduate design courses at California College of the Arts (CCA) in San Francisco. Nimoy is both Senior Creative Director and Chief Technology Officer of Galler.ee, in which he partners with designer, Rebecca Shostak to provide professional photographers with studio tools and templates. Josh is a composer of electronic dance music in two bands: The Nimoys and nimoyShostak (formerly Microtrash).

In past projects, he has communicated between engineers and artists. Nimoy thinks a lot about issues of programming for non-programmers. He is best known for generative computational aesthetics for Disney's TRON:Legacy. Josh's most contagious meme is called BallDroppings. His most visible work is in film and television. Josh's art shows in galleries and museums. He takes creativity very, very seriously.

This site is a public archive of past creative tech experiences - mostly experimental, occasionally ahead, often in jest, and frequently in collaboration with others. Some pieces are for sale as art and/or tools, and some of it is open source.