I co-founded a project in the East Village, providing a peer-invite safe-haven for free thinking experimenters to get support to continue experimenting, and owning/controlling their own work. DET, as coined by Yoshimi Shin, stands for Design Entertainment Technology. The online system provided password protected collaborative workspaces and most importantly, an automated way for the young participants to propose ideas to potential funders from within a bubble of mutual non-disclosure. Detlab was effectively the opposite of the Creative Commons community project, but did contain a commons within its protected center. I left the project when I moved to Italy.

DMA Newsletter

a hyper-ornate annual newsletter used by the UCLA Department of Design | Media Arts. Cover folds our as poster.

Collaboration with Li Xu, font assistance from Gabe Dunne, commissioned by UCLA department of Design | Media Arts

Maya PostScript Export Plugin

I was surprised to discover that Alias Wavefront Maya does not export wireframes to Illustrator! I wrote this plugin so I could incorporate my 3D work into my print design, without having to render and take screenshots. Since the plugin simply intercepts the OpenGL commands of a window refresh - control handles, grids, background colors, and even shaded polygons export to postscript as well. note: only works for Maya 3 Mel Command: saveViewAsPostscript "c:filename.ps" In Illustrator, you can "zoom in" on and edit the control handles for various tools; the control handles for tools become part of the art.

Synergy Workshop Advertisements

Playful advertisements for community software workshops, produced by a student who had not yet begun learning print media. They needed to catch attention, and they needed to convey information. Otherwise, no one cared what I was throwing on. I used found photos. This was during the pre-Gabe-Dunne era of the UCLA Design | Media Arts workshops in which nothing was Adobe-sponsered, and the only people allowed to attend were design students.