Intelligent Snap Toy

Physical Computing Week 2 Exploration: Make a switch. Here is a small, snap-ridden soft-sculpture which can be shaped and snapped as desired. When snaps are connected, a computer is able to notice which ones, and for how long. Asside obvious abstract-art implications of such a digitally aware object, a childrens origami toy can be designed (just for example) which provides reinforcing sensory material about what the child is exploring while snapping. If you form a dog shape, the object will bark. TODO: images need to be thumbnails. Remind me.

Fashion Play

I organized a one-quarter fashion design research group in the design department in order to study garment-making for the sake of diversity, and also to show people that you really can study anything you want here. Some planned to do garments and typogaphy. Some planned to make a single dress in 10 weeks. Others could not decide.