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This synaesthetic, interactive musical experience provides six original modes in which the player may produce music. Kick off your shoes and get lost in a world of delicious sounding abstract geometry.

Turn up your sound volume.
Click and drag to explore.
Press bubbles to change scenes.
Press Escape to quit.

Android and iOS versions coming soon.

Advanced configuration is possible by editing the contents of the bundled settings.yml. By changing the values of that file, you can control the window properties, startup behavior, user interface detail, and OSC network parameters. When set up on multiple machines, Bandwidth's 'grid' mode will broadcast OSC messages and most other modes will recieve.

Made possible by The Public. UK

Special Thanks:

The OpenFrameworks project,
Graham Peet
Joss Widdowson
Rebecca Shostak
the oooShiny group
Sandwell Arts Trust
Fran McHugh

Creative Commons License
Bandwidth by Josh Nimoy is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.


Watch on Vimeo.

withDRAWal is a series of ten interactive scribble styles commissioned by Graham Peet of The Public in West Bromwich, England. I programmed and tested the whole thing at Beit T'Shuvah. Each mode responds to the scribbling input in a different way. In writing this software using C++ and openGL in OpenFrameworks, I found myself using a maze solving algorithm, the Box2D physics engine, and Perlin noise. Instructions: draw with your mouse, and press the circle at the bottom left corner to move on. If you have a keyboard, press spacebar to clear the screen without moving on. Each number key corresponds to one of the ten modes. Press D to enable the debug overlay. Press - and + to adjust speed or fatness - use at your own risk. Press S to render one screenshot to the data folder. F toggles fullscreen. Q brings back the beginning instruction screen. If you're on a Mac portable that has a sudden motion sensor, mode 5 will let you tilt the screen.