JT Nimoy (aka. @jtnimoy, formerly Joshua) is a humanist technologist multidisciplinary in Silicon Valley, Northern California. JT recently finished being senior lecturer of Scripting Graphics and New Tools, two graduate level graphic design courses at California College of the Arts (CCA) in San Francisco. Xe negotiates new media arts consultation under Jtnimoy Studio LLC (which is hiring). JT's art prints were recently auctioned at DeepDream: The art of neural networks at Gray Area Foundation for Arts. JT is currently into VR, computational creativity, music composition, and interesting human culture.

In past projects, JT has communicated between technology engineers and creative arts professionals, notoriously amphibious between the two historically clashing communities. Nimoy thinks a lot about issues of programming for non-programmers. Xe is best known for their generative computational aesthetics (holograms, mostly) for Disney's TRON:Legacy. JT's most contagious interactive meme was BallDroppings, a piece of software art from 2003 whose iOS copycat app was accidentally curated into a show at Museum of Modern Art in NYC. JT has participated in art-things, or just created solo work that ended up showing in the Whitney Museum, Getty Digital Experience, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Württembergischer Kunstverein (Stuttgart), Foundation for Art and Creative Technology (FACT in Liverpool, UK). BallDroppings is permanently installed at Computerspielemuseum (Berlin), and permanently installed at The Public (West Bromwich, UK, RIP). JT has been a touted visiting presenter at countless new media festivals and symposiums since 2001. The most visible and accessible work was in film and television, mostly artistic composite effects for high-end tech advertisements produced at a motion graphics studio, by hand programming artisanal small-batch generative code art in collaboration with many.

This site is a public archive of past work. The site originally started as a personal portfolio at age 18, then it grew into a database driven portfolio, then became a blog, then it became a shopify store :-)

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