Things to Know Before Trying Dermal Fillers

Plump lips?

Smooth skin?

Full cheeks?

Have you ever tried to look in the mirror and thought to yourself that you want any of these?

We are all different and there are people who are gifted with these. Of course, there are some who had been dying to get the Angelina Jolie lips. But what if you were not given those kinds of lips when you were born? No need to worry because dermal fillers are available around the world. You will get the enhancement that you want without your fairy godmother, with Dermal Fillers.


Some people associate Dermal fillers with Botox. There is a difference between the two, their only similarity is that both of them does not require surgery. Dermal fillers are sometimes called soft tissue fillers. These are substances that dermatologists inject underneath the skin to add fullness and volume. Dermal fillers are often used to treat the different signs of aging. Its effect varies, other dermal fillers last for only 6 months while other Dermal fillers can last for 2 whole years.


Dermal fillers that are made of hyaluronic acid are the dermatologists’ favorites. These are naturally found in our skin.

I mentioned that other people who are not familiar with cosmetic surgery associate Botox with Dermal Fillers. One of the big difference between the two is that: Botox freezes our muscles to reduce or prevent wrinkles while Dermal fillers, on the other hand, fill the wrinkles to have smoother skin.

Collagen was used to be the top most common filler. However, these days dermatologists commonly use the hyaluronic acid. One of the main reason why they switched to hyaluronic acid is its ability to keep the moisture. This can give your skin a hydrated and plump look. Our bodies actually have a natural production of hyaluronic acid but as we age it diminishes. Some people may choose to use serum or cream, however, this can never restore the lost volume in our skin (only the hyaluronic acid can). Once dermatologists inject hyaluronic acid in our skin, it will give a natural plumping action and will replenish the production of hyaluronic acid of our bodies.


One of the reasons why hyaluronic acid as Derma fillers become so popular is its ability to last very long.  One visit to a dermatologist can decrease wrinkles and add volume to your face for 6 months, depending on the location. But the good thing is that sometimes it lasts for up to 2 years. This is something that is worth all your effort and money. According to scientists, one injection can stimulate the production of collagen, which gives your skin a fresh and younger look in the long run.


As a first-timer, we do not know the benchmark of a good filler yet. Good thing you were able to give time in reading this because you can now pinpoint the clinic that gives out a good or even the best Derma filler.

We can say that it is a good filler if it is invisible.

I know we have seen people that undergone Derma fillers and sometimes we can see duck lips and trout pout. With just one glance we can conclude that they had undergone an injection. That is a sure sign of filler. But if we go to an expert, the fillers should be invisible and natural looking. As much as possible, the changes during the treatment should be subtle.

So here are few tips and knowledge about Derma filler. Get ready to look for the best dermal fillers melbourne studio clinic in town and book an appointment.